The first charity NFT exhibition in Ukraine


About the project

Adaptation Resource Center «BARWINOK» together with digital artist Alexander Priymak organize the first charity NFT exhibition in Ukraine as part of the social and psychological project #CHOMU

7 questions - 7 invisible problems

Why do I envy everyone?

Why don’t I respect others?

Why am I jealous of everyone?

Why am I seeking approval from others?

Why don’t I love myself?

Why am I not sure of myself?

Why don’t I know what I want?

Our inner state, happiness and mood directly depend on mental health.

A huge number of diseases arise from quarrels, misunderstandings, disagreements. Conflicts, quarrels arise from unreasonably rude relations between people.

Why do such questions arise?

Every question has a root. This root can arise from childhood, it can develop during life, or it can arise at the most unexpected moment. But the most important thing is to recognize it in time, to start working on yourself.

How do we want to help?

All the funds raised will be used to organize practical events aimed at supporting and solving 7 main issues, namely, free consultations, trainings, seminars, master classes with psychologists and psychotherapists, mutual support groups, and other social and psychological rehabilitation events.

About collection

Each of the characters in the collection represents a person looking into the mirror and asking himself the question “Why...?” (Chomu means "Why" in Ukrainian).

İn other words, we are looking at a person on the other side of the mirror, where there is no question mark on the glass and the word itself looks blurry, because the character (we) does not dare to confidently ask this question to himself.

The unique coloring of each character suggests that we are all different, but we all face the same question Why?...

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Who we are ?

Alexander Priymak

Digital artist

Author and organizer of 8 solo exhibitions. Winner of the Photographer of the Year award. He started his career as a photographer, in recent years he has spent most of his time in 3D art. Works in the styles of abstractionism and darkinism. He is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Vyacheslav Tolstokorov

Founder and head of the adaptation resource center «BARWINOK»

Entrepreneur, blogger. Founder of three public organizations. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Igor Volchetsky

Co-founder and deputy head of the adaptation resource center «BARWINOK»

Responsible for the development of the creative part of «BARWINOK». More than 14 years of experience in implementing social projects.


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